Business/Office Insurance

Protect your business with a range of insurance solutions which can be tailored to suit your specific needs:

Material Loss Damage
Covers loss or damage to property caused by fire. Additional perils can be included e.g. explosion, storm, tempest, rain water and flood.
Business Interruption
Provides indemnity for loss of gross profit/income following loss or damage to property caused by an insured peril or circumstance under the material damage policy e.g. fire, industrial special risks, boiler/pressure vessel explosion and engineering policies.
Glass Breakage
Provides cover for damage to fixed glass for the replacement value. Cover can be provided for additional items e.g. sign writing ornamentation and frames.
Covers loss by theft or attempted theft consequent upon forcible and violent entry of the premises. Cover can also be arranged to include theft without forcible entry.
Covers loss of money and/or negotiable securities including loss of the safe or container in which the money and negotiable securities were contained whilst in premises. This cover can be extended to include transit risks.
General and Products Liability
Covers the legal liability to pay compensation in respect of personal injury or property damage caused by an occurrence in connection with the business.
Fidelity Guarantee
Insures losses resulting from misappropriation or embezzlement of money or goods by employees.
Machinery Breakdown
Indemnity is provided for repair costs following breakdown of plant and machinery. Cover provided can be extended to include loss of gross profit and deterioration of stock.
This insurance provides a wider cover for computers and electrical equipment than fire, burglary or industrial special risks policies. Indemnity can be provided for accidental damage and breakdown including business interruption and reinstatement of data resulting from damage to the equipment.
Multi Risks/General Property
Cover is tailored to provide protection against specified losses for the interest insured, e.g. fire, theft and transit for trade samples.

All cover is subject to Policy Terms, Conditions and Exclusions.

This advice is general. To help you decide if it suits you, please read the Product Disclosure Statement. We are also happy to provide you with further information.

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